Freedom to educate your child, your way.

Homeschool with Empowered Academics to become free from mandates, schedules, and curriculum that do not align with your family's values or lifestyle. Gain control of your child's schooling! You know your child best.

Empowered Academics is an administrative PSP (Private Satellite Program) that:
-assists families with leaving their current school;
-serves as your child's school of record;
-keeps all legally required private school records;
-transfers cumulative files; 
-recommends effective curriculum materials. We understand if you already know what you'd like to use with your family, and we support your choice. 
-enrolls on a continuous basis.

Empowered Academics offers optional screening services for dyslexia.  Our credentialed Reading and Literacy Specialist can support you through homeschooling a child with reading challenges! 

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Learn why families choose our homeschool PSP (Private Satellite Program) versus filing their own PSA (Private School Affidavit):  

1)    Privacy - you need not file anything with the CDE, nor declare your home as a private school.

2)   Accountability - your child is enrolled in a private school of record. 

3)   Administrative services - recordkeeping, school file transfers & cumulative file maintenance. 

4)   Coaching available- you are in control but you are not alone!  


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About us

Empowered Academics, a California Private Satellite Program.
Homeschool through our PSP and you'll have the freedom to educate your child, your way. We'll serve as your child's school of record and provide recordkeeping, study plan guidance, curriculum recommendations, and assistance leaving your current school.