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Homeschooling gives you the freedom to choose the materials that you see fit for your family.  Some families know what approach or materials they want to use, whereas other families prefer guidance and recommendations from professionals in the field of education, such as the suggestions linked below. 

We recommend using these choices because we believe in the multisensory practices or the educational frameworks embedded in the programs.  Not one program is one-size-fits-all.  You may modify any part of the curriculum you wish. You are welcome to use or purchase your own materials, however we encourage you to explore the possibility of purchasing any of the below listed resources. 

Our recommended curriculum resources for K-5 are below.  Some links might bring you to an affiliate website where you can purchase the resources. The following materials are not faith-based.  If you'd like to add faith into your studies, we support your choice to do so. 

Reading / Spelling

All About Reading
and All About Spelling from All About Learning Press. The decodable readers are especially recommended. 

Visit All About Reading/Spelling


Handwriting Without Tears  offers both manuscript and cursive handwriting books.

Go to HWT


Building Vocabulary Foundations and Building Vocabulary From Word Roots.

Building Vocabulary


Shiller Math - Montessori math and language arts manipulatives

Hand 2 Mind offers manipulatives and lessons for language arts, math, science, etc.

Go to Shiller Math


Multisensory Math by Marilyn Zecher is an Orton-Gillingham-style math approach. 

Shiller Montessori Math - curriculum and materials for multi-sensory Montessori math

Hand 2 Mind - Math manipulatives and materials

Woodin Math - a multi-sensory math approach

Michael Minas - math games

Math With Confidence / Math Facts that Stick - by Kate Snow

Visit MultiSensoryMath by Marilyn Zecher

Science / STEM

Hand 2 Mind offers STEM materials, kits, & resources. 

Science Adventures- by Paige Hudson / Elemental Science

We also encourage gardening, visits to local aquariums, outdoor learning experiences, cooking, etc., to add to your child's science experiences.

Visit Elemental Science

Social Studies

We encourage you to visit museums and local historical places of interest as part of your studies in this content area. We also recommend reading historical non-fiction books with your child. 

Hands-on-History is a possible option recommended for an active, hands-on learner. 

Hands on History 



Visit MyMusicWorkshop

Growth Mindset

Big Life Journal

Visit Big Life Journal


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