Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PSP?

PSP stands for Private Satellite Program.  Enrolling in a PSP is one of the legal ways to homeschool your child in California. Once a student is enrolled in the PSP, the parent becomes their child's homeschool teacher under the umbrella of the private satellite program.

What services do you offer?

Empowered Academics is an administrative PSP that serves as a school of record, assists families with exiting their current school, and maintains your child's cumulative file.  We also offer curriculum recommendations, and homeschool support. 

Once enrolled in our PSP, we send a disenrollment letter to your child's current school, request the transfer of the cumulative file, and maintain your child's school records. The enrolled family submits minimal information upon enrollment, and will submit a quarterly attendance record and progress report. We provide all the forms needed. Families receive homeschool support, and curriculum recommendations, if requested, however the parent remains in full control of their child's education.

For reading tutoring services and dyslexia screening, our partner Reading Reach, offers in-person classes and one-on-one tutoring in North San Diego County, CA. 

What are the rates of your services?

$399 enrollment fee, per family per academic year
$75 student fee, per student per academic year. 
All fees are non-refundable. 

Do you require students to have immunizations?

No. Students enrolled in a PSP are not required to have immunizations. 

Students enrolled in a PSP are homeschooled, therefore do not need to be vaccinated.  Private schools must keep student immunization records on file (CA Dept. of Health form PM286B), regardless of the presence or absence of any vaccines.  If you have immunization records for your child, you can submit them.  If your child does not have vaccines, you may submit the card with your child's information on it and leave the vaccine portion blank (or write "SB277 Exempt- homeschool").   We will provide this form to you. 
Private schools must also keep a physician's health exam and oral health assessment form report on file, or a waiver (CA Dept. of Health form PM171B-waiver, and Oral Health-waiver).  We will supply you with the waiver form if you do not have a current health exam report/oral health assessment to submit. 

How often do we have to submit work samples?

You do not need to submit work samples with Empowered Academics!
We only require submittal of an attendance record and a progress report each semester.  The progress report consists of updates/progress on the student's Course Of Study plan.  Report cards are not required.

Do you provide learning materials or books?

No. You are able to use or purchase the materials that fit your family's needs.
For families that seek curriculum guidance and recommendations from experts in education, we offer guidance on effective curriculum and materials that follow research-based and/or multi-sensory practices. 
Curriculum packages are available if requested, at an additional charge depending on the needs of your family. Families may purchase the recommended materials on their own.  Some families use or purchase their own curriculum materials, and some families choose to buy our recommended materials.  

Will you teach my child?

No. When you enroll at Empowered Academics, you are your child's homeschool teacher under the umbrella of our administrative PSP.  Empowered Academics will be your child's school of record, and we will offer homeschool guidance through curriculum recommendations (if needed),  school record transfers, support requests, and cumulative file record-keeping.  

Parents can outsource teaching of any subject they wish, and they are not required to teach every subject themselves at home.  Enrichment classes and tutors are great alternatives to teaching all subjects yourself at home.  We can help guide you to finding these resources in your area, if needed.

If you are looking for reading tutoring or small group classes to outsource teaching for your homeschooled student, our partner, Reading Reach, offers in-person classes and one-on-one tutoring in North San Diego County, CA. Please visit their website for more information.  

Are there any required meetings?

No. Neither the child nor the parent are required to have any meetings in person or virtually.  If the parent requests additional support, a coaching meeting can be scheduled at an additional charge (typically around  $55/consultation).  

Can I teach faith when enrolled with your PSP?

You are welcome to include your faith in your child's studies, if it fits your lifestyle.  We support your choice. 

Why should I choose your PSP vs. filing my own PSA?

1)  Privacy - you need not file anything with the CDE, nor declare your home as a private school. 
2) Accountability - your child is enrolled in a private school of record and files are transferred.
3) Administrative services - record-keeping/cumulative file maintenance. 
4) Coaching available- you are in control but you are not alone!


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Empowered Academics, a California Private Satellite Program.
Homeschool with our PSP and you'll have the freedom to educate your child, your way. We'll serve as your child's school of record and provide: record keeping; study plan guidance; curriculum recommendations; and assistance leaving public schools.