Registration and Enrollment Process for the Academic School Year

We are here to assist you along the way. Do not hesitate to reach out if you need assistance with any of the following steps. We want to make this easy for you! 

Step 1

Congratulations on deciding to take charge of your child's academics by homeschooling!  We enroll year-round. 

Read our Frequently Asked Questions page first, to see if Empowered Academics sounds like a fit for your family.  

Step 2

Fill out your information on our Contact Us page and let us know you want to enroll.  We will contact you within 24-72 hours.

If we decide we are a fit for each other, Empowered Academics will email you the link to your application and enrollment forms.  You will also receive an invoice for the student fee ($75 per student per school year) and the family enrollment fee ($299 per family per school year).

Step 3

Fill out the application link and enrollment forms provided to you: 

1) Application/Enrollment Agreement, including a Statement of Capability to Teach (private homeschool teachers must be "capable of teaching".  We can guide you with this, if needed.). 
2) Student Course of Study Plan listing intended curriculums/activities/approaches/resources
3) Immunization record / blue card (immunizations are not required for homeschooled students, but we need to keep records on file regardless of the presence or absence of any vaccines. You can write 'exempt' for homeschool.)
4) health report form (or waiver) 
5) Records Transfer Request form (sign & return)

Pay the application fee and enrollment fee invoice (via Stripe).  

Step 4

Once we have received your enrollment forms and payment, we will issue your Verification of Enrollment letter, and send a letter to your child's current school, requesting the student's cumulative file.

If you need homeschooling guidance or recommendations on curriculum, we are happy to help! 

Step 5

When it is time for you to send your semester attendance and progress report, we will kindly remind you via email.  

We are here to give guidance throughout your homeschooling journey.  You are in control, but you are not alone! 


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About us

Empowered Academics, a California Private Satellite Program.
Homeschool through our PSP and you'll have the freedom to educate your child, your way. We'll serve as your child's school of record and provide recordkeeping, study plan guidance, curriculum recommendations, and assistance leaving your current school.